Presidentí»s Words
Most of the people in the world are very clever, but Mr. Yuan was “dumb” person. Only because he was a “dumb”, the favorite thing for most of the people is money which Mr. Yuan doesn’t like. Only because he is a “dumb”, the most terrible thing for people is death which Mr. Yuan is not afraid of.

So, for the hardest work, most of the people refused to do, but Mr. Yuan will insist on it. So, for fake rules and gossips most people have to avoid, but Mr. Yuan goes his own way regardless of what the other people say. So, for unbearable cold and hunger most people can’t stand, Mr. Yuan will endure it. And for excessive formalities most people have to obey, but Mr. Yuan doesn’t care about it and he still discusses problems with his subordinates heart to heart.

The above is the words from a hero named Yuan Conghuan in the Ming Dynasty. We will take this as the motto of Rentian.